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Dr. Jagdish Shinde is the best Oncologist (Cancer Physician / Cancer Specialist / Cancer Doctor) in Pune. Dr. Shinde is associated with Best Cancer Hospital in Pune. He is having tremendous experience in treating all types of cancers patients. We treat patients according the international NCCN guidelines for cancer.

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What is Cancer?

Cancer is uncontrolled and excessive growth of cells of body forming mass or tumour. Cancer can occur in any part of body from head to toe. There are more than 100 different types of cancers.

Who is Oncologist?

Oncologist is specialist doctor trained in treatment of cancer. Dr. Jagdish Shinde is the top oncologist in Pune.

What is Cause of cancer?

There are some avoidable causes like smoking, tobacco, alcohol, sedentary life style, sun and other types of Radiation exposure and viruses and other infections. There are some unavoidable causes like familial cancer, genetic mutations and exposure to carcinogens.

What is stage of cancer?

Stage of cancer indicates extent of spread of cancer. There are 4 stages of cancer from stage 1 to 4. As stage advances the prognosis of disease becomes worse. Generally, stage 1 or 2 is considered as early disease while stage 3 and 4 are considered as advanced disease.

How cancer spreads?

Cancer can spread by local extension, through lymph nodes or through blood.

What is metastasis?

Metastasis is spread of cancer from its origin of organ to distal organ. For example; if tumour in breast spreads to bone or lung then it is called metastasis.

What are the tests to diagnose Cancer?

There are many tests to diagnose cancer; the most common tests done are Biopsy, FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology), tumour markers, PET CT scan. Please consult your doctor for knowing the choice of test.

What is Biopsy?

Biopsy is taking out small bit of tumour and examining under microscope. This test is used for diagnosis of cancer.

What is treatment of Cancer?

There are three main ways by which cancer can be treated. These are Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and surgery.

Radiation Therapy or Radiotherapy is the use of x-rays for treatment of cancer. Around 70% of all patients of cancer need Radiation therapy as a part of their treatment.

Chemo (also called as Chemotherapy) is use of medicines to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given through veins or by oral rout.

Surgery is removal of tumour by operation. Some cancers need surgery for its treatment.

Choice of treatment depends on the site of cancer and its stage.

What is the cost of Cancer Treatment?

Cost of treatment depends on which type treatment is required. You can call our number to know approximate cost of treatment

Is cancer Curable?

Cancer is curable if detected early. As the stage advances chances of cure decreases.


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