Whenever any patient is planned for External Beam Radiation Therapy following process is followed.

Radiotherapy planning Process

1. Initial Consultation and Consent

In your first visit Radiation Oncologist will take history of your complaints and do the complete clinical examination of patient. He need to see all reports including CT scan, MRI, PET CT, Ultrasonography and Histopathology reports.


2. Simulation

In this process, Radiation Oncologist prepares a immobilization device for patient which may be a mask (Thermoplastic mask) or vacuum bag (vaclock). The purpose of preparing immobilization device is to maintain the same position of patient throughout imaging and treatment and to achieve high accuracy


After process of immobilization patient will be shifted to CT scan. CT scan of the desired area will be done.


3. Planning
After CT scan the images of CT scan will be transferred to planning software. Radiation oncologist will mark the tumor area and plan the Radiation. Medical physicist will support them for planning.


4. Treatment
After planning the plan will be transferred to treatment machine software. Patient has to lie down on treatment couch in the same position as in CT scan. Treatment will be started after verification of position of patient. Treatment will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes daily depending on technique.

Radiation therapy is OPD basis treatment, it does not require admission in hospital. Generally, patient will be given specific appointment time daily. During treatment patient will not have any pain, burning or heat.

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