Head and Neck Cancers


Head and neck cancers include:

    1. Cancers of oral cavity including Tongue cancer, Ca buccal mucosa, floor of mouth,
    2. Cancer of Oropharynx including tonsil, pharynx, base of tongue and soft palate.
    3. Cancer of Hypopharynx including post cricoid region, pyriform fossa epiglottis.
    4. Cancer of Larynx (Sound box)
    5. Ca Nasopharynx

What are the Causes of Head and neck cancers?

Major causes of head and neck cancer include tobacco chewing, Gutkha, Pan masala, smoking bidi and cigarette and alcohol consumption. Second important cause is human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. Infection of Ebstein bar virus (EBV) can cause nasopharyngeal cancer. Ill fitting dentures and sharp teeth can cause tongue cancer.

What are symptoms of head and neck cancers?

Symptoms of head and neck cancer include non-healing ulcer in mouth or throat, Mass or lump in mouth, difficulty in swallowing, change in voice, pain in ears, bleeding through nose and swelling over neck. If any of these symptoms are present please consult oncologist.

What are the tests to diagnose head and neck cancer?

If there is suspicion of cancer in head and neck region then your doctor may advice you some tests like biopsy, CT scan and laryngoscopy.

What is the treatment of head and neck cancer?

Treatment of cancer depends on the site of disease, stage of disease and patients general condition. There are majorly 3 modalities of treatment Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and Surgery. Radiation therapy is the backbone of treatment of head and neck cancers. Chemotherapy might be needed to enhance effect of radiation therapy. Sometimes surgery might be needed in sites such as oral cavity.

What are different types of Radiation therapy?

There are different techniques of radiation therapy like conventional radiation therapy, 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT and VMAT.

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